2nd PHDA 2014

    • 2nd PHDA 2014 (2nd Public Health in the Digital Age: Social Media, Crowdsourcing and Participatory Systems)
    • Tuesday, 8th, 09:00~18:00, Room 308 C
    • Session Chair:
      Pam Briggs (Northumbria University)
      Muhammad Imran (Northumbria University)
      Todd Bodnar (Pennsylvania State University)
      Ciro Cattuto (Fondazione ISI)
      Patty Kostkova(University College London)
    • Program:

Session 1: Public Health data analytics, chair: Pam Briggs
[9:00 – 9:30] Todd Bodnar, Victoria Barclay, Nilam Ram, Conrad Tucker and Marcel Salathé
On the Ground Validation of Online Diagnosis with Twitter and Medical Records
[9:30 – 10:00] Patty Kostkova, Justin Moser, Stephan Garbin and Wendy Pan
Integration and Visualization Public Health Dashboard: The medi+board Pilot Project
[10:00 – 10:30] Alain Barrat, Ciro Cattuto, Alberto E Tozzi, Philippe Vanhems and Nicolas Voirin
Measuring contact patterns with wearable sensors: methods, data characteristics and applications to data-driven simulations of infectious diseases

[10:30 – 11:00] COFFEE BREAK

Session 2: Participatory Systems, chair: Muhammad Imran
[11:00 – 11:30] Daniela Paolotti
Building a Europe-wide web-based flu surveillance system: the Influenzanet participatory surveillance experience
[11:30 – 12:00] Patipat Susumpow, Patcharaporn Pansuwan, Nathalie Sajda and Adam W. Crawley
Participatory Disease Detection through Digital Volunteerism and Gamification – How the DoctorMe Application Aims to Capture Data for Faster Disease Detection in Thailand

[12:00 – 14:00] LUNCH

Session 3: Systems for Surveillance and Outbreak, chair: Todd Bodnar
[14:00 – 14:30] Deleer Barazanji and Pär Bjelkmar
System for Surveillance and Investigation of Disease Outbreaks
[14:30 – 15:00] Hans Ossebaard
One Health informatics

Session 4: Interdisciplinary Public Health, chair: Ciro Cattuto
[15:00 – 15:30] Muhammad Imran and Carlos Castillo
Volunteer-powered Automatic Classification of Social Media Messages for Public Health in AIDR

[15:30 – 16:00] COFFEE BREAK

[16:00 – 16:30] Andrew McNeill and Pam Briggs
Understanding Twitter Influence in the Health Domain: A social-psychological contribution

[16:30-18:00] PANEL : “Data Donors” – Healthcare Revolution or a Lurking Big Brother