• DEOS’14 (Data Extraction and Object Search ’14)
  • Monday, 7th, 9:00~17:30, Room 311
  • Program:
    [09:00-10:00] Keynote
    Kevin C. Chang From Information Extraction Research to Vertical Search Products: The Semantic Gap is more than the Structure Divide

    [10:00-10:30] Session 1: Form understanding
    Su, Li, Lochovsky Query Interfaces Understanding by Statistical Parsing

    [10:30-11:00] Coffee break

    [11:00-12:30] Session 2: Extraction and integration
    Qiu, Luce Extraction and Integration of web sources with Humans and Domain Knowledge
    Petrovski, Bryl, Bizer Integrating Product Data from Websites offering Microdata Markup
    Ortona An Analysis of Duplicates in Web Extracted Objects

    [12:30-14:00] Lunch

    [14:00-15:00] Keynote
    Xin Luna Dong From data fusion to knowledge fusion

    [15:00-15:30] Industry talk
    Dmitry Ushanov Evaluating Features for Named Entity Extraction/Disambiguation in Arbitrary Web Documents

    [15:30-16:00] Coffee break

    [16:00-17:30] Session 3: Entities
    Guo, Barbosa Entity Linking with a Unified Semantic Representation
    Chen, Iwaihara Iterative Algorithm for Inferring Entity Types from Enumerative Descriptions
    Anderson, Hong Evaluation of Information Extraction Techniques to Label Extracted Data from e-Commerce Web Pages