Developers Track

Researches on Web-based frameworks

Session chair: Alejandro Jaimes, Yahoo Labs

  • Room 203 B  14:00~15:30
  • 14:00~14:30
  • A Library for Spotting Cross Language Relations in Polyglot Frameworks
    Federico Tomassett i(Politecnico di Torino), Giuseppe Rizzo (Università degli studi di Torino), Raphael Troncy(EURECOM)
  • 14:30~15:00
  • A Voice-Controlled Web Browser to Navigate Hierarchical Hidden Menus of Web Pages in a Smart-TV Environment
    Sungjae Han, Geunseong Jung, Minsoo Ryu, Byung-Uk Choi, Jaehyuk Cha (Hanyang University)
  • 15:00~15:30
  • Relevant Change Detection: A Framework for the Precise Extraction of Modified and Novel Web-based Content as a Filtering Technique for Analysis Engines
    Kevin Borgolte, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna (UC Santa Barbara)