• LSNA (3rd Large Scale Network Anaysis)
  • Tuesday, 8th, 09:00~12:30, Room 314
  • Program:

[8:45 - 9:00]  Introduction to the Workshop

[9:00 - 9:50]  Keynote Speach
The Multi Agent Based Information Diffusion Model for False Rumor Diffusion Analysis
Satoshi Kurihara (The University of Electro-Communications)

Paper Session 1
[9:50 - 10:10] Towards Large-Scale Graph Stream Processing Platform
Toyotaro Suzumura (IBM Research / JST CREST), Shunsuke Nishii (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Masaru Ganse (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

[10:10 - 10:30] Online Analysis of Information Diffusion in Twitter
Io Taxidou (University of Freiburg), Peter M. Fischer (University of Freiburg)

[10:30 - 11:00] Coffee Break

[11:00 - 11:50] Invited Talk
Pruned Labeling Algorithms: Fast, Exact, Dynamic, Simple and General Indexing Scheme for Shortest-Path Queries
Takuya Akiba (The University of Tokyo)

Paper Session 2
[11:50 - 12:10] A Novel Link Prediction Approach for Scale-Free Networks
Chungmok Lee (IBM Research-Ireland), Minh Pham (Rutgers University), Norman Kim (Rutgers University), Myong K. Jeong (Rutgers University),Dennis K. J. Lin (The Pennsylvania State University), Wanpracha Art Chavalitwongse (University of Washington)

[12:10 - 12:30] Towards Scalable X10 Based Link Prediction for Large Scale Social Networks
Hidefumi Ogata (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Toyotaro Suzumura (IBM Research / JST CREST)