Research Track

  • Room 105  14:00~15:30
  • Semantic Web 1
  • Chair: Fabien Gandon, INRIA
  • 14:00~14:30
  • TripleProv: Efficient Processing of Lineage Queries over a Native RDF Store

    Marcin Wylot, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux and Paul Groth

  • 14:30~15:00
  • RDF Analytics: Lenses over Semantic Graphs

    Dario Colazzo, François Goasdoué, Ioana Manolescu and Alexandra Roatis

  • 15:00~15:30
  • Formalisation and Experiences of R2RML-based SPARQL to SQL Query Translation using Morph  Freddy Priyatna, Oscar Corcho and Juan F. Sequeda