The Mobile Semantic Web

  • The Mobile Semantic Web
  • Monday, 7th, 9:00~12:30, Room 301 B
  • Presenters: Shonali Krishnaswamy (Institute for Infocomm Research),
                       Yuan-Fang Li (Monash University)
  • Abstract
    The combination of the versatility of smart devices and the capabilities of semantic technologies forms a great foundation for a mobile Semantic Web that will contribute to further realising the true potential of both disciplines. Motivated by a service discovery and matchmaking example, this tutorial provides an overview of background knowledge in ontology languages, basic reasoning problems, and how they are applicable in the mobile environment. It aims at presenting a timely survey of state-of-the-art development and challenges on mobile ontology reasoning, focusing on the reasoning and optimization techniques developed in the mTableaux framework. Finally, the tutorial closes with a summary of important research problems and an outlook of future research directions in this area.