Entity Resolution in the Web of Data

  • Entity Resolution in the Web of Data
  • Monday, 7th, 9:00~17:30
  • Room 301 A
  • Presenters: Kostas Stefanidis (ICS at FORTH), Vasilis Efthymiou (University of Crete),
    Melanie Herschel (University of Paris South), Vassilis Christophides (University of Crete)
  • Abstract
    This tutorial provides an overview of the key research results in the area of entity resolution that are relevant to addressing the new challenges in entity resolution posed by the Web of data, in which real world entities are described by interlinked data rather than documents. Since such descriptions are usually partial, overlapping and sometimes evolving, entity resolution emerges as a central problem both to increase dataset linking but also to search the Web of data for entities and their relations.