• Room 208 14:00~15:30
  • Web Cryptography
  • Chair: Harry Halpin, W3C
  • “Secure application protocols on the level of Web applications”. The W3C Web Cryptography API is the standard API for accessing cryptographic primitives in JavaScript-based environments, and is currently being implemented across all major browsers. We describe the motivations behind the creation of the WebCrypto API and give a high-level overview with motivating use-cases. We’ll also explain and discuss with the audience the next steps for the WebCrypto API’s future development, which may end up being key to ending the dependence of Korea on plug-ins for e-commerce.
  • Talk: Overview of Web Cryptography API and Next Steps, by Harry Halpin (W3C Web Crypto WG staff contact)
  • Talk+Demo: Regulatory and technical components of Korean Public Key Infrastructure, by Mountie Lee (Paygate) and Sangrae Cho (ETRI)