Web Science Track

  • Room 201  14:00~15:20
  • 14:00~14:20
  • Exploring the User-Generated Contents (UGC) Uploading Behavior on YouTube
    Jaimie Yejean Park, Jiyeon Jang, Alejandro Jaimes, Chin-Wan Chung and Sung-Hyon Myaeng
  • 14:20~14:40
  • Long Time No See: The Probability of Reusing Tags as a Function of Frequency and Recency
    Dominik Kowald, Paul Seitlinger, Christoph Trattner and Tobias Ley
  • 14:40~15:00
  • Taking Brazil’s Pulse: Tracking Growing Urban Economies from Online Attention
    Carmen Vaca Ruiz, Daniele Quercia, Luca Maria Aiello and Piero Fraternali
  • 15:00~15:20
  • Inferring International and Internal Migration Patterns from Twitter Data.
    Emilio Zagheni, Venkata Rama Kiran Garimella, Ingmar Weber and Bogdan State